Trash and Recycling

Pick Up Days:

  • Mondays, 9 AM Trash & 1 PM Recycling
  • Wednesdays, 9 AM – Yard Debris***
  • Thursdays, 9 AM – Trash Only
  • Large Item Pickup (appliances, mattresses, furniture) – Call (703) 818-8222
  • Hazardous Items Pickup (paint, oil, batteries, computers/electronics) – Call (703) 818-8222


Yard Debris:
Yard debris (grass clippings, leaves, branches, shrubs, etc.) is collected on Wednesdays only. Yard debris must be bagged and placed curbside. If branches cannot be bagged, they must be trimmed to less than four feet in length and tied in bundles.


  • Flatten all cardboard
  • Plastic wrap/bags are not recycled (bring to grocery store)
  • You may co-mingle all items
  • Pizza boxes (and similar) are not recycled
  • Branches must be bagged/binned and smaller than four feet in length
  • All trash must be in covered bins
  • No bins or trash should be placed on grass




All trash must be in containers. Bags not in containers could be damaged by animals and leave trash/recycling throughout the community.All recycling must be in a secured container. Recycling not secured could be blown throughout the community.


When your trash and recycling are not curbside for collection, the containers should be stored out of public view in the rear yard. Trash and recycling containers are not permitted to be stored on the front porch, side yard or behind bushes (front or side).


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Sarah Helander by phone at 703-437-5800 or by email at

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Ridgewood Cluster fully managed by TWC Association Management

TWC Association Management has started full HOA management of Ridgewood Cluster (with Ridgewood Cluster Board oversight) on 1 July 2016. TWC will be handling day-to- day issues while the Ridgewood Cluster Board will continue to work strategic / long term projects and issues.

Please contact TWC by email using You can also call TWC, phone 703-437-5800. If you have an emergency after hours please call the TWC main number at 703-437- 5800

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3 Upcoming Events – Annual Meeting, Community Yard Sale and Picnic

We have 3 Cluster events that are coming up soon.
  • Saturday, June 4 – 8am – Community Yard Sale - The Board will place advertisements on Craig’s List, Nextdoor and post signage at the neighborhood entrance on Reston Parkway.
  • Saturday, June 4 – 5pm – Community Picnic - We will send an evite out soon with more specifics.
  • Tuesday, June 7 – 7pm – Annual Meeting - There will be a mailing coming in the next few days with all of the specifics.
We look forward to seeing everyone over the next few weeks.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate with the outdoor activities.


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Pavement & Curb Painting

The Ridgewood HOA has arranged for our pavement and curbs to be painted.  This will be occurring over 3 days (May 16, May 18 & May 19).  We need your help for this to be successful and run smoothly.  An email was sent to Cluster Residents on May 9 with details and site maps and they are also included in this post.
Thank you in advance for your help with this important maintenance project!
Please note that all work is dependent on weather conditions.  If adverse weather occurs on any service days, flyers will be distributed with the new service date.
Trash / Recycling:  Republic Services has been contacted to have trash & recycling completed prior to 9AM, so it won’t impact the striping / curb painting work.
Please send questions to
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Trash Pick Up Status

The Ridgewood HOA has been in contact with our trash contractor. They are currently uncertain about tomorrow’s trash pick up. The board is actively working with the trash company to get trash and recycling pick-up back online as quickly and safely as possible. In the meantime, we ask that you please do not put out trash for pick up until we have positive confirmation that they will be coming.

We will provide an update as soon as we hear back from them.

Thanks very much for your patience. Please send any questions to

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Pending Snow and New Snow Removal Contractor Information

We’re sure everyone is aware that we have significant snow fall this weekend. We wanted to provide some detail that our snow removal contractor, BladeRunners has provided to us. And, to inform you about some resources they have made available for our residents.

They have a website  that provides information about their services and has an option for to you join their email distribution list which sends out updates for their plans specifically for Ridgewood. The FAQs, “How Can I Help” and Service Specs are great resources and have much more detail about the plowing process.

Storms of this magnitude are very challenging to everyone. They have explained that the amount of time to do the work required is not linear. For instance, if an 8” storm takes “x” time, a 16 inch storm takes “4x” time. Historically they experience more breakdowns and stuck vehicles, which obviously compounds the problem and creates delays.

Their first priority will be to clear a lane to allow vehicles to move in and out of the community. As a reminder, they do not plow individual assigned spaces. Because they will have to plow multiple times, the snow piles high on each side, creeps in, and will eventually create a one lane look. It will also create a build up in front of driveways and cars. Obviously, this is not intentional, but the snow must go somewhere as it gets plowed. Secondarily, they will address other potential safety hazards in the community.

They have asked us to please not interrupt the drivers or ask them to perform unauthorized services (or side jobs). They instruct their drivers to leave job sites and move to their next job if the interactions with residents become excessive. In these instances they will come back and finish the job after dark.

Thanks very much for your patience. Please send any questions to


Helpful Links from Fairfax County:

— 6 Ways to Prepare for the Blizzard (including neighborhood snow removal ideas and checking in on vulnerable neighbors)

— Snow Update Hub (get continuous updates from key sources all on this page)

— The County’s Emergency Information Blog (will be updated beginning Friday with critical information)

— Fairfax County Police blog, which will feature safety tips and other information:


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Upcoming Landscaping Projects – Fall 2015

Hello Residents -
Please be aware that our landscaper, Blade Runners, will be working on a few maintenance/improvement projects that the HOA has approved.  The projects below are expected to begin any day now.
  • Removal of the dying oak tree on the Ridgewood side at the top left of our entrance.  Note: there is another dead oak tree just on the other side of the wall that RA or the county will be removing.
  • Plant fall annuals in front of Ridgewood entrance sign/wall
  • Tot-Lot perimeter pruning, weeding and re-application of child-safe mulch
  • In the large common area in front of the Tot-Lot (a.k.a. the “D”):
    • Establish wood chip bed for the large oak
    • Fill in depression area (where rain water pools) with soil and re-turf.
  • Create a cleaner-looking wood chip bed an the bottom of the common area between 11714 and 11716
  • Create a cleaner-looking wood chip bed between 11707 and the guest parking spaces.
As mentioned in our annual meeting, in addition to the above projects, the board is also considering a few (two or three) preventative soil erosion projects in common areas between our units.  We are awaiting designs for those from the landscaper and then will need RA Design Review Board approval before moving forward.  Residents that neighbor these areas will also be contacted prior to any work starting.
Please reach out to with any questions about these projects.
We hope everyone is enjoying the start of fall!
Ridgewood Cluster HOA
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Ridgewood Cluster Landscaping Change

The Board has recently signed on a new commercial landscaper, Blade Runners, Inc, for all Ridgewood Cluster landscaping and snow removal services.  Our previous contract with M&M Landscaping has been cancelled, effective 4/30/15.  Likewise, our 1-year old snow removal contract with Perfect Landscapes has also been terminated.
Blade Runners is providing approximately the same set of services as we had with M&M (see list below) and for the same annual cost, but with the expectation of higher dependability and accountability for scheduled services and much better overall communication with the Board.  So far, so good one month into the relationship…cluster common areas and lawns are looking quite tidy and attractive.  We expect to realize some savings for snow and ice removal service as well.
Contractual Services Include:
a) Mowing/Trimming of Common areas, fronts and open back yards
b) Edging of all sidewalks/walks
c) Pruning, trimming, bed cleanup for all common areas
d) Common area mulching, spring cleanup, mid-year mulch
e) Common area Lawn, shrub and tree applications, including fertilization, weed control, turf liming, power seeding and sign posting/warning for pesticide/herbicide applications.
f) Fall leaf removal (common areas, fronts, open backs)
g) Snow / Ice removal, including proactive Magic Salt vs. sand approach.
Please note that Blade Runners also offers additional, “a la carte” services to individual residents.  These additional, private residence services can be conveniently ordered via their online store (link below) and are performed when the crew is out here for general service.  Simply start typing in “Ridgewood…” and you’ll see our cluster come up.
Please email if you have additional questions about these new services.
Additionally, please keep us posted on how you think Blade Runners is doing.
We hope you enjoy this new and improved level of landscaping service!
Ridgewood Cluster HOA
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Join your neighbors at

Residents – just a quick post to make you aware, an online social network for neighborhoods.  Many of us are already members, which is great.

Here’s the link!

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Ridgewood Email Distro

Just a reminder that our cluster has an email distro.  If you’d like to receive emails about news and updates about your neighborhood from the HOA, please email and we’ll get you on the list!

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