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- Contractor References -


We are seeking referrals to create a list of contractors in a variety of specialties to assist residents with finding reliable and affordable solutions to their contracting needs. If you have a referral, please e-mail us the following information:

1. Contractor Business Name
2. Contractor Contact Name
3. Phone Number, Web Site, Email
4. Contractor Specialty

In order to keep these referrals accurate/honest, we will post the resident's name and email address along with the referral.

The Board makes no endorsement about the contractors listed below. These contractors have been recommended only by other members of the community and the Ridgewood Cluster Board makes no representations or warranties about their ability to perform or deliver.

General Contracting
9265 Hillis Court
Manassas, VA 20112
Tel: 571-237-3399 or 703-869-1139
Reference: Ken Jandura @ 11761 Great Owl Circle

Mike Cook
Drain Masters (Sewer & Drain Service)
Tel: 703-430-8138
Reference: Chris Holladay @ 11713 Great Owl Circle

Steve Gotschi
DryHome Roofing, Inc
Tel: 703-734-0414
Reference: Ken Jandura @ 11761 Great Owl Circle