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9/19/2010 - Cluster Yard Sale on Saturday, September 25th (8a-Noon) - Rain Date (9/26)
Neighbors, simply place your items out Saturday morning either on your lawn or in your parking spot. If you are interested in participation just let Jillian O'Shea or Diane Larsen know so we can put arrows out around the circle. We will also be posting a notice of the yard sale on Craigslist, putting up flyers on community boards and signs along the road. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

7/3/2010 - New exterior lights have been approved. Check the cluster documents page for more info.

7/3/2010 - Annual assessments will be due on July 30th, not July 1st. The mailing indicated assessments would be considered late if received after July 1st. This is not correct. The actual date is July 30th. Please be sure to pay by that date to avoid additional charges.

9/30/2009 - Cluster mailboxes will be sanded and repainted on or around October 8th. Please review this important notice.

7/2/2009 - Ridgewood will be hosting a yard sale for all homeowners on July 25th (rain date is July 26th) from 8am until noon. Please contact Jillian O'Shea with questions.

5/19/2009 - Several new landscaping projects were performed last week as routine maintenance, proactive erosion control, beautification and as part of our multi-year tree program. The cluster is 'looking good'!

8/12/2008 - The Green Committee has its own page now.

7/23/2008 - The Green Committee held its first meeting and established goals for both the short term and long term for promoting 'green' initiatives within our community. Attendees appointed Elizabeth O'Beirne as Chairwoman and Mark Schneider as Vice Chairman. If you are interested in participating in numerous green activities or would like to learn more, please contact Elizabeth O’Beirne. Meetings are monthly on the 2nd Sunday at 4pm at Elizabeth's home in Great Owl Circle.

6/24/2008 - Yard Sale Update - Rain date is Sunday, June 29th (Noon - 3pm). AMVETS will pickup leftovers for charity at 1pm on Saturday (weather permitting), otherwise they will come on Wed, July 2nd. If you would like to participate in the pick-up, please contact Kelli Kolling at 703.471.6854 with your home number and she will add you to the list by Thursday, June 26th).

6/7/2008 - Cluster Yard Sale - June 28th 8a-Noon - Advertised in the Washington Post and on Craigslist. Contact Lanie James for more info.

6/7/2008 - Thanks to all the homeowners that joined in with Cluster President Soschin to help clean up the debris and remove fallen trees after this week's severe storm. If you are aware of other trees on the common Cluster area that need to be removed, please contact us.

5/27/2008 - Ridgewood Cluster Owners!  We’re going GREEN…that’s right, we’re bringing sustainable lifestyle and home management ideas to Cluster Residents through a newly formed committee called the (what else!) GREEN COMMITTEE.  If you’re interested in working on inside and outside ideas as to how we can all minimize our Footprint on this beautiful piece of Virginia land, email me and I’ll let you know when the first meeting is taking place.  We’ve got great ideas for cluster workshops, seminars and great fun community projects to better know your neighbors. Contact Elizabeth O’Beirne to participate.

5/16/2008 - The Ridgewood Cluster Homeowners Association annual meeting will take place on June 17th at 7 PM at Buzz Aldrin Elementary School off of Center Harbor.

5/11/2008 - The Cluster has just completed its annual inspections. Our goal is to help you resolve any of the noted issues. If you receive a notice in the mail, please review it carefully. If the notice contains information on the following issues, it is strongly recommended that you perform the preventative maintenance to fix these, this summer. This will not only improve the value of your home and the neighborhood, but it will also help maintain the beauty of our development:

  • Deck/Fence/House powerwashing - this should be performed every two years, or each year in very shadey zones. If you have green on your fence or deck, it is an early warning of rot. Rot will require you to replace entire portions of your fence/deck at considerable expense. Therefore, we recommended to several homeowners that they take care of this maintenance issue this year.
  • Weeds/Reseeding/Bare Spots - if it was recommended to you to perform these tasks it is to help beautify the development and will add value to your home. You were cited because your particular lawn was in serious need of repair.
  • Bins/Toys on Porch - this is not permitted. Recycling bins, trash cans, toys, tools and bikes may not be stored for more than a few hours (and not overnight) on your lawn, driveway or porch. Homeowners will be cited for these offenses.
  • Tree Pruning - if you have a tree on your property and it extends onto the sidewalk or street, it must be pruned back and maintained so that it does not encroach onto common areas. There should be at least 8 feet of clearance to prevent limbs from obstructing utility trucks, cars and pedestrians.
  • Stain/Paint/Trim Colors - compliance with these notices are required
  • Trash in Yard/Driveway - compliance is required
  • Rot to Chimney/Siding/Facade - compliance is required
  • Shrub Pruning - compliance is suggested to properly maintain the appearance of your home. Overgrown shrubs may be cited in the future.
  • All other repairs should be performed based upon your notice.

If you have questions about your notice after reviewing this information, please call the Cluster hotline or send us an e-mail and we will gladly provide further explaination.

2/14/2008 - The Ridgewood Cluster Association has passed a resolution to prohibit soliciting within the Cluster. Read the resolution here. In conjunction with this new ordinance, a "No Soliciting" sign has been installed directly below the tow sign at the entrance of the cluster. Please report all unauthorized solicitors to us.

1/27/2008 - The upgrade to the lighting at the cluster's entrance has been completed. This was a two-phase project that began at the end of last year. We replaced the halogen lamps that illuminate the brick Ridgewood sign and the brick 'gates' at the top of the cluster with energy-efficient florescent lamps. This replacement will pay for itself very quickly through a reduction in energy use by over 70%. Additionally, the bulbs last considerably longer which will require less replacements and less maintanance. We hope you like the new lights as much as we do!

1/3/2008 - Xmas tree collection will take place on Thursday, Jan 10th. Please place with your regular trash, free of ornamentation and not in a bag.

12/19/2007 - If you need a new or replacement yellow AAA recycling bin, please contact us by e-mail no later than December 31st. We will have them delivered to a common area in the cluster beginning in January. Thanks!

12/17/2007 - As you may have noticed, it was very windy last night (and still is this morning). As a result, many of our trash cans and recycling bins toppled over, spreading their contents throughout the neighborhood common areas, to our neighbor's properties, and into the woods. I would like to kindly request that when you have a spare moment today, that you pitch in and help pick up the few loose items near your property and dispose of them. If we all take just 60 seconds, we'll have the cluster cleaned back up in no time at all.

Additionally, if a tree was downed near your property or there is other storm damage to the common areas, please simply send an e-mail and let us know about it.

10/17/2007 - Please be sure to walk your pets along the Reston paths and not the common areas. When animals relieve themselves (urine and feces) on common areas, we are damaging the landscaping of the Cluster which is paid for by each homeowner as part of your annual dues. Additionally (and more importantly), the cluster has many children which play in the grassy areas of the Cluster, and are exposed to the urine and feces (even if the feces are removed). This is not a hygenic situation. By taking an extra moment to walk your family friend to one of the many Reston paths, you are protecting our investment in landscaping (home values) and protecting our children. Please think twice. Thanks!

10/01/2007 - Special thanks to board members Ann Jachimowski, Dan Soschin and Dan's wife Sydney, who planted some colorful mums to enhance the cluster's curb appeal by the Ridgewood sign.

10/01/2007 - The Board is aware that although most of the street lights have been repaired, there are still a few additional issues. We are working to resolve these.

9/15/2007 - As Seen On TV - Did you catch board member Dan Soschin's house on TLC today? It was featured in the show, "Top Ten Ways to Improve the Value of your Home".

7/29/2007 - Cluster Garage Sale on August 4th (8am - Noon)
Contact 11710 & 11774 for more information.

7/29/2007 - Updated Recycling Information

01/03/2007 -- Christmas trees will be recycled next Wednesday, January 10th. Thereafter, trees will be removed on the second trash day. The trees must be no longer than eight feet in length and must be free of any decorations or bags. Please place out at the curb prior to 6:00 AM for removal. Thanks!

12/20/2006 -- The parking lines have been repainted!

12/20/2006 -- The streetlight has been repaired!

12/11/2006 -- Parking Line Repainting on Friday 12/15
Please have your vehicles cleared by 8 AM. Thanks for your continued patience.

11/27/2006 -- No refuse collection on Christmas Day or News Year Day
As both of these federal holidays fall on Mondays, there will be no collection of refuse. Please wait for the next pick up day, the following Thursday. Thank you!

11/21/2006 -- Parking Lines Repainted -- TBA
USSealCoat has cancelled for the fifth time. We understand you may be frustrated - so are we! We will work with another contractor to get this resolved. Thanks for your continued patience. We apologize for the inconvenience. Contact the board with questions.

11/19/2006 -- Join the Ridgewood e-mail list!
Send us an e-mail with your first and last name, house number and e-mail address and everytime there's an important announcement, you'll be among the first to know!

10/25/2006 -- The Board is aware of the broken light post near 11709 and it will be repaired soon.

10/6/2006 -- Download new information on recycling.

9/26/2006 -- Our e-mail address has changed. To contact the board with an inquiry, please use this link.

9/1/2006 -- REMINDER: Refuse and recycling are not permitted to be placed outside until SUNSET. Please respect your neighbors and keep the cluster's appearance clean.

8/1/2006 - NOTICE: Please do not leave cash deposits for contractor jobs (windows, remodels, etc) prior to having your work approved by the cluster and Reston Association. If the work is not approved, you may lose these deposits.