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- Cluster Solicitation Notice-


On Thursday, February 14, 2008, the Ridgewood Cluster Association enacted a no soliciting policy. Here is the resolution:

Whereas many homeowners of Ridgewood Cluster have expressed their displeasure with the frequency of solicitations within the cluster property, both printed and in-person; and,

Whereas, said solicitors serve little, if any, purpose to the homeowners.

Be it therefore resolved that effective immediately, the Cluster has adopted a 'no solicitors' policy with the following guidelines:

1. No organization, commercial or otherwise, may post or distribute any fliers, signs or other materials on any common property owned by the Cluster or on the property of any homeowner.

2. No organization or individual may directly solicit any homeowner within the perimeter of the Cluster, including common areas, parking areas or on the property of a homeowner.

3. Exceptions: (a) homeowners and their immediate family members may solicit within the cluster provided they are representing an accredited/licensed non-profit organization. Examples include boy scouts, girl scouts and charities. (b), the Ridgewood Cluster Association Board or a designated agent is excluded from this notice for official Cluster business.

4. Penalties: homeowners should document all violators and report them to us. Ridgewood will notify the organizations that were in violation, the Better Business Bureau, and if necessary, Fairfax County police.

This resolution is effective immediately, as of February 14, 2008. In accordance with this resolution, a "no solicitors" sign shall be placed conspicuously at the entrance of the cluster.