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- Parking & Speed Control -


Please remember that parking spaces labeled with a “V” are reserved exclusively for use by visitors and guests of Ridgewood residents for a period not to exceed 48 hours. Residents are not permitted to use these spaces for their own vehicles. Residents of town homes with garages should not use visitor spaces in lieu of using their own garage and driveway.

Residents who want to report violations may contact the Board. Reports must include the name and telephone number of the person reporting the violation, the tag number of the vehicle in question, the type of violation (e.g., non-visitor use of a space or use for a period longer than 48 hours) and the exact location of the occupied visitor space.

For violations outside of the Ridgewood Property (above the stop sign and up Great Owl Drive, contact the Fairfax Police Department District Station. You may find their contact information here.

A speed hump has been installed at the entrance to our community. As noted earlier, he speed hump was discussed at the annual cluster meeting and received unanimous support.

The speed hump will force vehicles to stop at the stop sign and remind drivers of the 10 MPH speed limit within Great Owl Circle. The Board’s goal with the speed hump and speed enforcement is to make drivers more aware of the need to protect the safety of pedestrians (especially children) in our cluster.

Please obey the Cluster's 10 MPH speed limit signs around the circle. Please also remind guests and delivery people to drive slowly.

Extended No Parking Zone at the Entrance to Great Owl Circle
The Ridgewood Cluster Board of Directors has extended the fire lane at the entrance of Great Owl Circle to include the curb area to the end of our property line. This decision was based on our belief that this area remained too congested and the visibility of drivers entering and leaving the cluster was still creating safety concerns. This action is merely a formality, in that, it is a violation of Ridgewood Cluster Association By Laws to park any vehicle on common area property other than those areas specifically designated for parking. For example, it is a violation of the By Laws to park a vehicle on common property in front of garage unit parking pads. Even though the threshold to the parking pad is not painted yellow, any vehicle parked in this manner is parking in common area in violation of the By Laws. Any vehicle parked in a yellow painted area or on common area not designated as a parking space is subject to towing without notice. Strict enforcement of this change will begin December 1, 2005. The Board appreciates your cooperation in this matter.