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- Pet Information -


Pet owners, please do not allow your pets to make deposits in the common areas or on the property of your neighbors. Leaving dog feces in these areas is a violation of both our covenants and Fairfax County law. Fairfax County also requires that ALL dogs (even puppies) be kept on a leash when they are off your property. Dogs make wonderful pets and companions. Please take responsibility for them and respect your neighborhood and your neighbors.

URINE: Please be sure to walk your pets along the Reston paths and not the common areas. When animals relieve themselves (urine and feces) on common areas, we are damaging the landscaping of the Cluster which is paid for by each homeowner as part of your annual dues. Additionally (and more importantly), the cluster has many children which play in the grassy areas of the Cluster, and are exposed to the urine and feces (even if the feces are removed). This is not a hygenic situation. By taking an extra moment to walk your family friend to one of the many Reston paths, you are protecting our investment in landscaping (home values) and protecting our children. Please think twice. Thanks!

Please also remember take special care to pick up after your dog in the area outside of the top of the circle leading to Reston Parkway. Children congregate in the area to catch the school bus, and it some pet owners are not being very responsible with picking up after their dogs in that area. We realize that the other clusters use this walkway for their pets also, but let's do our part to keep the area clean.

If you take your dog out to “doo-doo,” be sure you “DO” the right thing and clean up after your pet... If you identify repeat violators and can provide contact information for them, please forward it to Ridgewood.