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Selling Your House? What You Need to Know!


If you are a homeowner in the Ridgewood Cluster (your address is XXXXX Great Owl Circle), then there a few things you need to know when it comes to selling your home.

1. Contact TWC to obtain an official copy of the "Ridgewood Cluster Documents" and the "Cluster Disclosure Packet". Your REALTOR can do this. The fee is $100.00.

2. Contact RA for the "Reston Packet & Information". Again, your REALTOR will have experience doing this too.

3. Sell your home! Good luck! Remember that at any time, there may be a number of your neighbors selling their homes too. Please remember to obey all trash rules (leave out after sunset only). Also, make sure that your prospective buyers park in visitors spots or your own spots - respect your neighbor's spaces. Signs may only be posted on your lawn (not on the curb's grassy areas or in common areas). No other signs may be posted in the cluster, circle or pipe stem, except for "Open House" signs, which must only be placed out the day of the event and removed the same day.