Spring Clean Up – April 15 @ 1 PM

Save the Date!
Ridgewood Neighborhood Clean-up
Sunday, April 15 @ 1PM

On April 15, we’ll be working together to spruce up common areas and private yards throughout Ridgewood. If you’d like to help around the neighborhood or need help with your yard, please sign up at [email protected]. Let us know if you can provide tools, expertise, or just hard work!

Things we’ll be doing:

  • Weeding
  • Mulching (please provide your own mulching)
  • Planting annuals
  • Pruning bushes and trees
  • Removing debris
  • Reseeding
  • & Much More!

Got invasive plants? Reston does… do you? Learn more.

Want to know if you landscaping meets Reston’s standards? Here are some basic (but not comprehensive) guidelines to help get you started:

  • Decorative edging that is 4″ or higher has to be approved in advance with DRB
  • Overgrown beds (visually overgrown, not just that needs weeding) is not allowed
  • Overgrown trees/bushes/vegetation that obstructs a common pathway or sidewalk through the cluster (including roads) is not allowed. You should prune trees over walkways to a minimum of eight feet in clearance
  • Downspout extensions must be hidden from view with plants or other approved materials (approved mulch) or buried underground
  • Debris in homeowner or common area (cut limbs, piles of weeds, lumber, broken equipment, tools, toys, trash bins) must be removed
  • Natural colored mulch only (red mulch is specifically disapproved)

Board members and clean-up committee members will be out and about on the 15th to provide additional guidance.

Looking forward to a fun day,

The Clean-up Committee
Jessica Nguy
Mike Collins
Jim Farrow

About Dan Soschin

Dan Soschin is the president of Ridgewood Cluster Homeowners Association and has been a resident there since 2005.
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