Storm Announcement 6/30/12

If you experienced any damage to your property (vehicles, home or otherwise), as a result of last evening’s storm, please contact your insurance company. We recommend you make a photograph or video of the damage for your records.  Your homeowner’s insurance covers property damage when trees come down due to storms.

If there are trees down on your property from the “common” areas in the front, rear or side of your home, please send us an email ([email protected]) with your address, contact information, and precise location of the tree.  We will assess the situation and take appropriate action. Your insurance company should be contacted if the trees caused damage. We will not touch trees that have caused damage.  Please note, if the tree requires removal, it may be several days before we are able to address the issue, as there are thousands of trees down across the county.

If you have debris on your property, you have two options:

1. Cut branches into smaller sections, no longer than four feet. Bundle/bag and place curb side for the garbage company.

2. Place branches in the street against the curb. DO NOT PLACE BRANCHES ON THE GRASS! We will have our landscapers come by later this week and chip the branches.

Please allow 48 hours for the HOA to respond to any inquires. Thank you.

About Dan Soschin

Dan Soschin is the president of Ridgewood Cluster Homeowners Association and has been a resident there since 2005.
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