Landscaping Update – Fall 2012

UPDATED on 11/2/12

The HOA Board is excited to announce that our landscaping rehab projects will begin this coming week.

We will be conducting a turf restoration project to help repair many areas of turf that have been damaged over the years. While it is very difficult to maintain our turf due to limited treatments and no watering system, we will be working with our landscaping company over the next several weeks.  This will include aeration, seeding and in some cases new sod.

We need your help because we cannot water all the areas near your homes.

This is an expensive project and if the repairs don’t take, we are out of options, so we need your help. Treated areas will be visible and if you can assist with regular watering, our new turf will have a strong chance for surviving and enhancing our community for years to come.  Not all treated areas will be roped off, so we are requesting that as much as possible, residents should refrain from having their pets “go” on the common areas (please walk them along the paths).

Each member of the board will be out watering treated areas near their homes daily and we hope you will join us and your other neighbors who have already committed to lending a hand and hose for just a few minutes a day.

I am confident that if we all chip in, we can make this project a success.

After the turf project we will then move on to additional landscaping projects to add trees back to spots where they were removed, as well as many other projects.

Here’s the tentative schedule:

·         Week of October 8th        Aeration and Over Seeding

·         Week of October 8th        Additional Turf Renovations

·         Week of November 4th    First Leaf Clean Up & Fertilizer Application

·         Week of November 11th    Lime Application

·         Week of December 10th    Second Leaf Clean Up

·         Week of December 10th     Second Winter Fertilizer Application

We will not be able to service all areas at this time. We have worked with the landscaping vendor to determine areas in the greatest need to be serviced this fall. We will continue to address other areas that need rehab on an on-going seasonal basis. The above dates may change by a week or two depending on scheduling and weather constraints.

Thanks so much for your assistance!

About Dan Soschin

Dan Soschin is the president of Ridgewood Cluster Homeowners Association and has been a resident there since 2005.
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