Mailbox Cleaning Sunday 9-8-13

Please note we are cleaning the mailbox units on Sunday 9-8-2013. This will not interfere with access to the units and will only take approximately 10 minutes per unit. We are using rags and a “Greenworks” cleaner to remove the grime, and then rinsing lightly with a little water. We hope you will find this improvement a nice way to start the autumn season. By cleaning the mailboxes, we hope to continue prolonging their lifespan as they are quite costly to repair/repaint/replace.

We continue to request that residents not place any adhesive signs to the boxes, so that we can continue to keep their appearance in top shape.

About Dan Soschin

Dan Soschin is the president of Ridgewood Cluster Homeowners Association and has been a resident there since 2005.
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