Ridgewood Cluster Landscaping Change

The Board has recently signed on a new commercial landscaper, Blade Runners, Inc, for all Ridgewood Cluster landscaping and snow removal services.  Our previous contract with M&M Landscaping has been cancelled, effective 4/30/15.  Likewise, our 1-year old snow removal contract with Perfect Landscapes has also been terminated.
Blade Runners is providing approximately the same set of services as we had with M&M (see list below) and for the same annual cost, but with the expectation of higher dependability and accountability for scheduled services and much better overall communication with the Board.  So far, so good one month into the relationship…cluster common areas and lawns are looking quite tidy and attractive.  We expect to realize some savings for snow and ice removal service as well.
Contractual Services Include:
a) Mowing/Trimming of Common areas, fronts and open back yards
b) Edging of all sidewalks/walks
c) Pruning, trimming, bed cleanup for all common areas
d) Common area mulching, spring cleanup, mid-year mulch
e) Common area Lawn, shrub and tree applications, including fertilization, weed control, turf liming, power seeding and sign posting/warning for pesticide/herbicide applications.
f) Fall leaf removal (common areas, fronts, open backs)
g) Snow / Ice removal, including proactive Magic Salt vs. sand approach.
Please note that Blade Runners also offers additional, “a la carte” services to individual residents.  These additional, private residence services can be conveniently ordered via their online store (link below) and are performed when the crew is out here for general service.
http://www.blade-runners.com/store/index.php.  Simply start typing in “Ridgewood…” and you’ll see our cluster come up.
Please email [email protected] if you have additional questions about these new services.
Additionally, please keep us posted on how you think Blade Runners is doing.
We hope you enjoy this new and improved level of landscaping service!
Ridgewood Cluster HOA
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