Pending Snow and New Snow Removal Contractor Information

We’re sure everyone is aware that we have significant snow fall this weekend. We wanted to provide some detail that our snow removal contractor, BladeRunners has provided to us. And, to inform you about some resources they have made available for our residents.

They have a website  that provides information about their services and has an option for to you join their email distribution list which sends out updates for their plans specifically for Ridgewood. The FAQs, “How Can I Help” and Service Specs are great resources and have much more detail about the plowing process.

Storms of this magnitude are very challenging to everyone. They have explained that the amount of time to do the work required is not linear. For instance, if an 8” storm takes “x” time, a 16 inch storm takes “4x” time. Historically they experience more breakdowns and stuck vehicles, which obviously compounds the problem and creates delays.

Their first priority will be to clear a lane to allow vehicles to move in and out of the community. As a reminder, they do not plow individual assigned spaces. Because they will have to plow multiple times, the snow piles high on each side, creeps in, and will eventually create a one lane look. It will also create a build up in front of driveways and cars. Obviously, this is not intentional, but the snow must go somewhere as it gets plowed. Secondarily, they will address other potential safety hazards in the community.

They have asked us to please not interrupt the drivers or ask them to perform unauthorized services (or side jobs). They instruct their drivers to leave job sites and move to their next job if the interactions with residents become excessive. In these instances they will come back and finish the job after dark.

Thanks very much for your patience. Please send any questions to [email protected]


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