Annual Meetings
The Annual Meeting of Homeowners is normally held in June. At this meeting, Directors are elected to fill expired or vacated seats on the Board, the budget and annual assessment are presented, and important Association business is conducted. Although all residents of Ridgewood are invited to attend these meetings; only homeowners in good standing are entitled to elect Directors and to vote on Association business. Notices are mailed to homeowners at least 14 days, but not more than 50 days, in advance of the meeting, based upon the mailing address on record with the cluster. (Contact TWC to update your record). We will also notify owners via email through our news list. Only homeowners in good standing may vote at meetings. The 2020 annual meeting date is not yet set.

Other Meetings

Meetings of the Board of Directors are normally convened quarterly. Homeowners are invited to attend the public portion of any Board meeting and may obtain the day, time and location of the next meeting by calling the Association’s telephone number, emailing the Association, or by visiting the Association’s website. Any homeowner wishing to schedule a presentation before the Board of Directors during the public portion of a meeting must notify the Board of Directors at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Please email the board with your intentions and the items you wish to cover by the 1st of each meeting month to allow adequate time for the board to add you to the agenda.

The board meets to review open business items and set strategic plans. These meetings usually occur on the 2nd Monday of January, April, July and October. Meeting dates and times can change.

The Board of Directors consists of four members (Cluster HOA Leadership (Board of Directors) who are responsible for the operation of Ridgewood Cluster including maintenance of the common areas, enforcement of the Association’s rules and regulations, and the determination and collection of all assessments and fees.

The next meeting of the board is expected to be in April 2020; the exact date is not yet set.