Complaint Form (Complete this when objecting to a decision by the Ridgewood Cluster HOA)

OCICO Complaint Form (Complete this only after you have submitted the HOA complaint form and your appeal has been denied by the HOA. This form documents your objection to the ruling by the HOA.)

Ridgewood Cluster Governing Docs and Homeowner Handbook 
(updated June 2014 )

Ridgewood Complaint Process Resolution 2014-1

2010 Updated Lighting Standards

Exterior Materials and Color Chart
Please note: Solid stain is recommended for all siding and trim. If you elect to use paint (and not solid stain), then flat is the only approved type of paint. Glossy and semi-gloss paints are not permitted. Most paint stores will be able to match the McCormick colors if you bring them these color codes. Or, you can visit a McCormick store.

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