Virginia State Leash Laws and Pet Refuse Ordinances are in effect within the cluster.

Do not allow pets to relieve themselves (urine and feces) in the common areas or on your neighbors’ property. Allowing dogs to defecate/urinate in these areas is a violation of both our covenants and Fairfax County law.

Fairfax County requires that ALL dogs (including puppies) are kept on a leash when they are off your property. Please take responsibility for them and respect your neighborhood and your neighbors.


  • Walk your pets along the Reston paths and not cluster common areas
  • By allowing animals to relieve themselves (urine and feces) on common areas, you are damaging the cluster landscaping, mailboxes and community light poles which are paid for, and repaired, by funds from YOUR annual dues.
  • Keep common areas as well as all of Great Owl Drive free of animal refuse for the sake of residents and of our children who play here and walk to the bus stop. While other clusters also use these walkways for their pets, let’s do our part to keep these areas clean.

To report offenders, please contact your TWC Association Manager.