Door-to-Door Solicitors

While there is a “No Soliciting” sign at the top of the cluster, it has no legal power. However, a “No Soliciting” sign on one’s property has legal meaning on one’s individual property.

Please note that there are people and organizations who can knock on your door without a Fairfax County license:

  • Farmers selling food, produce and dairy products
  • Newspaper subscription solicitors
  • Real estate or insurance agents when the salesperson is licensed by Virginia
  • Girl Scouts (exempt from Fairfax County licensure because the organization has registered with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services)
  • Fairfax County schools (each school is authorized to conduct two fundraisers each year)
  • Neighborhood children who might sell lemonade, shovel snow or mow lawns (Fairfax County does not issue solicitor licenses to individuals under the age of 16 because state labor laws prohibit children younger than 16 from working as solicitors in Virginia)
  • Political parties and political campaigns that file federal and/or state financial statements